Wednesday, September 28, 2011


There are several solutions for homelessness. First, we need to learn what caused some of these families to become homeless. Depending on what the particular situation is, we must work from that point. Take for instance, if a person loses their job and all of their resources have been depleted, then we need to get them back into the work force. This will be the new beginning of restoring their loss.
Also it's important to know all the circumstances; if the company simply downsized or if they were fired, let's get all reasons out of the way. Once we get our families the help and resources they need, then we help them land a job. There are several programs out there, we just have to search them out. Now our family has landed a job and begins to rebuild their financial portfolio. After lets say, give or take 6 months to 1 year they were able to save the money to secure a decent place. Now they can feel much better about themselves and move on to new and better things of life. 

Someone recently shared this information with me; Hardy Homes LLC recycles old derelict buildings into new homes! We use recycled and reclaimed materials, keeping our carbon footprint VERY LOW! We add in solar and wind power in areas that can utilize these natural resources, and rain collection barrels. Hardy Homes doesn't sell these homes and make gads of money...we rent-to-own each second chance house to a second chance family, helping them through debt counseling and saving up the down payment. Everyone deserves part of the American Dream!


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