Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Women are naturally beautiful, this is how God created us. Many women once they reach teenage decide whether they want to wear makeup or not. Those that do, take great pride in how their appearance is. Some women like to add special styles of makeup, that make them more appealing to men, real sexy look. Others just like how makeup makes them feel about themselves.

Many women feel like they are lost without makeup on, so they create their new look everyday. There are so many products for women today, to make changes to their appearance. You have eyelashes, to give an outstanding appearance of their eyes. Then you have the eyeliner pencils, eye shadow and so many more to capture their beauty. Now the lips, today you can get flavored glosses, lipstick in most any color, some that even last all day.

Make up is a big producing commodity for women. There is money to be made in beauty products, for both men and women. Finally, you have the foundation and a variety of blushes that accent the whole face; this usually goes on before you add the eyelashes, eyeliners, etc. Make up is like a job, you have to take time in preparation to get it done right.

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